by Klas Jersevi

Trends 2010: It’s all about color baby

Color is maybe the strongest trend of this year. Strong, vivid colors is the thing to look for and be inspired by. Just try to look beyond the basic colors and look for those who are not obvious. Well, the obvious will work great too, but my point is that there are a lot of colors and color combinations that we don’t think about right away. And yeah, you have to combine them with strong contrast in any way you can think of. If you need a tool for it, Adobe Kuler is the way to go.

Here are a couple of sources for inspiration:

The Dance by Tony Ariawan

Paradise Typo by Xaliber

Virtual Sky Studio

Size Matters Poster by The Steve Angello Team

Brofäste by Johanna Holmblad

You can also try my Channel Colorizer to put some color into your own images.


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