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by Klas Lundberg

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Mailing function for PHP with UTF-8, HTML and attachments

I found a function a couple a years ago which I’ve been using for mailing in my projects. The function…

Setting up PHP for UTF8 and XHTML compatibility

PHP is usually not configured for working well with UTF8 multilingual support and XHTML from start. To get it working…

Linnn clothing

I just put up a website for my friend Linn Nydren and her label Linnn Clothing. She is into designing…

Putting up my old CMS

This will be the beginning of a hopefully long journey and I’m gonna start it by putting up my old Content Management System. It’s a rather flexible system built on PHP and MySQL. I used to make a little money on it until I got my web developer job at Basilicon. Now I’m gonna put it up on the web for free just for fun, so enjoy!

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