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Business cards for Helsingkrona Gille

I helped Magnus of Helsingkrona Gille with design for some business cards about a month ago. They will act as…

Folder for Helsingkrona Gille

In my previous post about the new logo I made for Helsingkrona Gille, I mentioned that I also made a…

New logotype for Helsingkrona Gille

I’m part of the alumni for Helsingkrona Nation, called Helsingkrona Gille. I was asked to put up a decent website…

Dynamic layout compared to the 960 grid system

I’d say that about 75% of common websites have a layout based on the 960 grid. This is just guessing,…

Lagom logotype – Lagomtype?

Me and some manly friends have an order called Lagom, which when translated from Swedish is short for The Academic Spruce Order of Lund for Men. A couple of years ago in 2007, I decided to make a nice academic-style logo for Lagom. I got totally inspired by the logotype of the Lund University.

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