Me and some manly friends have an order called Lagom, which when translated from Swedish is short for The Academic Spruce Order of Lund for Men. Lagom is actually a popular special Swedish word roughly meaning not too much and not too little. We have get-togethers every now and then where we often have some activity, like go-cart, followed by sauna and then dinner, some singing and clubbing – we call it Herrmiddag meaning gentlemens dinner.

A couple of years ago in 2007, I decided to make a nice academic-style logo for Lagom. I got totally inspired by the logotype of the Lund University, since we at the time all lived at Helsingkrona Nation, and studied at the Lund University. I’ll guess you’ll see a certain inheritance from the Lund University logotype. Anyway, I think I got a nice result and it certainly gave me some good practice. The logo was made, like the Ex-Libris I made for my grandfather, using Adobe Illustrator.