This was my first big campaign when I started working at Basilicon in 2007. Jeep had a collaboration together with the wildlife park Kolmården where Jeep sponsored a terrain driving track. We made the campaign site and also the booking system, which my boss Anders Ekström put lots of energy into.

I directed the art and programmed most of the flash interaction and the implementation in HTML. I worked together with David Andersson in designing all the sub sections. The main design was formed as an old map with a little Jeep as mouse pointer. The little car was actually the hardest part to get to work correctly.

The technical solution for the window was really cool, since most of the campaigns back then used rather annoying popup-windows. This was made as a layer with transparency and shadows in flash instead. This wasn’t really possible before that point, since Safari on Mac had terrible and very buggy support for this. Fortunately, Firefox had just gotten better support for it. The web support have really developed a lot on Mac in the three years since then!