Pågen Video Intro

While working at Basilicon, I made a few full browser video intros for Pågen’s sites in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The videos are integrated using a extremely flexible technique that also features instant bandwidth measuring and automatic quality adjustments.

Note: The film itself was not made by me. Only the technique behind it the intro.

I’ve done a few video intros like this before, but these video’s were first off to be featured on a new powerful media server. The server was specially configured at Basilicon with custom scripts to enable lots of customized video features. This solution enables very cost effective fully customized video services for Basilicon’s clients, any way they like. The video is mainly H.264 up to HD quality desktop playback or high quality mobile viewing. Also the videos are controlled by a schedule using a custom built media manager.

See one of the video intros at Pågen
The intro may not be available due to scheduling.