The Last Instinct

by Klas Jersevi

Channel Colorizer Demo Application

Try the live demo of the Channel Colorizer Pixel Bender filter. You can load an image or use your webcam and then change the RGB colors to some cool theme using coloring by Adobe Kuler. And naturally, you can save your images back to your disk to use them for anything you like.

Lagom logotype – Lagomtype?

Me and some manly friends have an order called Lagom, which when translated from Swedish is short for The Academic Spruce Order of Lund for Men. A couple of years ago in 2007, I decided to make a nice academic-style logo for Lagom. I got totally inspired by the logotype of the Lund University.

Putting up my old CMS

This will be the beginning of a hopefully long journey and I’m gonna start it by putting up my old Content Management System. It’s a rather flexible system built on PHP and MySQL. I used to make a little money on it until I got my web developer job at Basilicon. Now I’m gonna put it up on the web for free just for fun, so enjoy!