The first version of my Color channel colorizer Pixel Bender filter for Flash and Photoshop had some problems with the balancing to preserve detail in the pixture. I decided to take care of this problem and changed the balancing to regular normalization, which normalizes all channels together. I tried this when I was making the previous version, but couldn’t get it to work properly. The solution was to not include the alpha channel in the normalization. Therefore I made an extra separate normalization only for the alpha channel.

I also added so that the normalization works when color values are too low, not only when they are too high, as in the previous version.

After a bit of testing I realized that I mostly wanted to have resuts that did have some normalization, but not full, since this could make the colors a bit dull. To solve this I added the option to set in percent how much normalization to use in the filter, and the result was great. Setting the normalization to 50% preserves both a lot of details and some of the sharp colors.

RGB color conversion

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