by Klas Jersevi

linnn clothing updated

I’ve updated the website of my friend Linn Nydrén. New features include online shopping through PayPal and VIP mailinglist. She has just released her new Holiday collection and you can even order Customized Clothing. So visit the l i n n n clothing web shop and make an order!

Now to the tech talk: I added form support, so that she could add forms from PayPal on her own. I also updated the js-libraries to include SWFAdress for deep linking with Flash and UFO for unobtrusive Flash embedding. SWFAdress is really tricky to get working. I think video tutorials take too much time, so someone should really make a great non-video tutorial on how to use it with Flash properly. But once it works, it does an excellent job.

I chose UFO instead to the newer SWFObject 2.0, since the syntax is cleaner and more consistent. Also, I had more trouble with SWFObject than UFO, especially with the static publishing method. I was also looking for an old thing called SWFSize, but I couldn’t find it. Then I realized that I didn’t need it, since the size constraint I wanted to achieve can be accomplished using min-width in CSS3.

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