Research In MotionLast week I started my new job at Research In Motion (RIM). I actually got a job at The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) first, but just as I had signed the papers, TAT got acquired by RIM. So the whole situation changed for me and my new colleagues, but I am very excited about this new opportunity!

So now I will be working as a User Interface Designer in the mobile industry. You’ll probably see things I make in the BlackBerry product line from now on.

TAT has really made some cool stuff so far. Make sure to check out their demos & concepts.

This means I’m no longer working for Basilicon. It has been more than 3½ great years there and it has really given me a lot of great skills and experiences. Not to forget; the Swedish Design Award!

I will still carry on some web design, but in my own company Instinct Media from now on. So if you’re interested in getting a nice design – don’t hesitate to contact me.